Unleash the Power of the Modern Workforce

Next-gen Voice, Video, Messaging & Collaboration

CoreNexa 7.0 is the evolution of our proven and industry-leading cloud communications platform. It’s a fully-loaded, all-in-one solution that combines high-quality voice & video with everything employees need to be productive & stay engaged, whether working remotely or in the office. From a built-in softphone for making and taking calls and key additional features such as 3-way calling, call transfer and visual voicemail, to video meetings, virtual rooms, contacts w/ presence, messaging with chat and SMS, multiple video feeds, simultaneous screen sharing to advanced capabilities and premium features that leave no stone unturned, CoreNexa has it all.

Accessible via the CoreNexa Desktop app, as well as via browser or mobile clients (and with an equally delightful experience across all three options), CoreNexa 7.0 instantly transforms employee engagement, customer experiences, and productivity across the entire company. The CoreNexa platform was built to solve and exceed the demands of modern and remote workforces, and is trusted by more than 32,000 businesses and nearly 400,000 users.


CoreNexa 7.0

Give employees a true collaboration space rather than just a place to hold meetings. CoreNexa is a fully integrated, all-in-one solution built to unleash the power of modern and remote workforces by seamlessly combining every tool employees need to communicate, collaborate and be extraordinarily productive.

Contact Center

CoreNexa Contact Center is a complete customer engagement solution that allows businesses to delight customers, reduce operational costs, enhance productivity levels and grow their revenue.

Get a powerful and flexible set of tools for customer service, outbound sales, technical support-and inbound sales orders.


Reimagine Collaboration

CoreNexa’s high-value built-in features eliminate widely tolerated flaws and glaring capability gaps associated with point solution meeting or video apps.


More Than Just Meetings

“Always on” virtual video create highly personal, face-to-face interactions and nurture camaraderie by recreating the experience of working side by side.


Remote Work Transformed

CoreNexa gives remote employees total flexibility to work productively & seamlessly from anywhere via a downloadable app, mobile, via the browser or with our mobile client.

Reliable voice, video, messaging & collaboration solutions relied on by more than 32,000 businesses.

Uptime SLA



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